Tuckable Holsters

Our most popular options for those individuals who carry IWB and wear dress shirts, polos, etc and have their shirt tucked in. The holster comes with a detachable metal clip to aid in putting on the holster. Clip can be worn or detached depending on preference.Designed so that the side of the holster facing outwards towards the waistband has an additional flap which enables the user to tuck their shirt between the outside of the holster and the inside of the flap. The holster waistband side has a soft (loop) velcro covering. The flap holster side has the denier covering like the inside of the holster. The outside of the flap waistband side has the non-slip rubber which enables the concealed carrier to prevent from over tucking the shirt and pulling their shirt out with any drag.

Remora Tuckable Holster Modification (Available Right or Left Hand Draw Side)