Remora Wear 2.0”

$39.95 $23.97

  • Lightweight and low profile IWB carry
  • right or left hand draw with 2 compartments
  • breathable neoprene knit material
  • hand manufactured in the USA
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REMORA WEAR 2.0 is a lightweight and low profile option for inside the waistband carry.  Features two compartments one for right or left hand draw.  Material consists of a smooth, breathable neoprene knit fabric along with a 3″ elastic waist strap.  REMORA WEAR 2.0 is secured with hook and loop velcro to give you undetectable concealment.

Compartment Sizing:
Small: Fits small frame firearms (6″ deep compartments)
Medium-Large: Fits medium to large frame firearms (7″ deep compartments)

Waist Sizing:
Small: Fits up to 33″ waist
Large: Fits 34″-50″ waist

Color Options:

Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions .2 x .2 x .2 in