Shown with clip option and right hand draw.
Shown with no clip carry option and is ambidextrous.ART offers a lower profile cut to give a better master grip.Sweat shield & lining optionsColors shown: yellow punch ns, pink punch ns, white ns, and black ns.Detachable clip allows for pocket carry.


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Clip IWB holster is draw side specific for inside the waistband carry. Features a swivel clip to accommodate your preferred cant.
No clip option can be used as IWB or pocket carry and is ambidextrous.

  • Hand manufactured in the USA.
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Attached Magazine Compartment

Artemis Cut

Reinforced Top

Laser/Light Options

Restraint Strap

Sweat Shield

Draw Side *

Lining Options

Holster Color

Clip Upgrade

Product Description


Clip is draw side specific for inside the waistband carry. Features a swivel clip to accommodate your preferred cant.

No clip option can be used as IWB or pocket carry and is ambidextrous.


  • inner padding provides comfort as well as retention for firearm
  • non-slip binding
  • smooth interior lining for a seamless draw
  • marine grade thread
  • water-resistant / fire retardant / lightweight / durable

Color options:

  • Black Non Slip
  • White Non Slip
  • Punch Non Slip
  • Pink Punch Non Slip

Modifications Descriptions:

  • Artemis Cut: abbreviated “art” is a lower profile cut that allows a better master grip, available on select holster sizes. Photo comparison available on product image.
  • Sweat Shield: protects the user’s weapon from body oils and sweat as well as “hammer gouge” and similar irritations.
  • Reinforced Top “RFT”: allows you to safely, smoothly & securely one handed re-holster draw after draw.
  • Magnet activated laser/tactical light: added magnet to your holster positioned to activated magnet activated laser or tactical lights only.
  • ULTICLIP: upgraded clip for the ultimate concealment and retention.  See videos below.

Lining Options:

  • Standard Denier: smooth black denier.
  • Black Ultra Plush: upgraded lining that gives a smoother draw as well as an ultra plush interior for your firearm.
  • Leather Hyde: upgraded lining that gives your holster a slightly thinner appearance, not recommended for gun storage only for daily carry.

Product Care:

  • Cleaning Instructions:
    1. Using a mild dish soap (Dawn or like soap) gently wash the exterior holster/product with a sponge or dishcloth
    2. Rinse well with water and make sure excess soap is removed.
    3. Let holster/product air dry completely before use.

We offer a variety of clip and no clip holsters as well as a variety of magazine holders and accessories.   SHOP the rest of our product line to learn more.

Additional Information

Weight 0.18 lbs
Dimensions .5 x .5 x .2 in